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Amid calls to sack BHU V-C Tripathi, viral video shows him berating girl students for putting ‘modesty on market’

Nine students from the Hindu BenarĂ©s University (UBS), who went to Jantar Mantar in the official residence of the prime minister to present a memorandum, were arrested by police on Thursday Delhi. The students – eight boys and a girl – were later released. Chanakyapuri police said the girl was asked to leave shortly after her arrest while the other was abandoned at night.

The girl, Mineshi Mishra, however, refused to leave without her friends. The students attempted to meet with Human Resources Minister Prakas Javadekar and with Prime Minister Narendra Modi to present the memorandum. However, they could not make an appointment. Meanwhile, the Delhi Women’s Commission Swati Maliwal tweeted:

The bride, Mishra, alleged that during the detention period, her friends were threatened by police and some of them were “expelled from Delhi”. “We’re not going to comply, only we’ll leave in Delhi like Teesta Setalwad,” he said, citing police in a complaint to DCP Chanakyapuri police station.

“I have emphasized if the media were not prepared to handle the police, as they did in BHU. My request is not only to take action against their intimidation agents, but also to guarantee the safety and freedom of me and my friends” said in the complaint.

Why they brought a shame to college, BHU V-C Tripathi rebukes students on video

Meanwhile, the BHU’s deputy foreign minister, Girish Chandra Tripathi, faces another crisis. The Times of India reported on Thursday that Tripathi was taken to the camera by nagging the BHU students. We could not confirm the source and veracity of the video immediately.

In the video, Tripathi can be heard asking the students: “Why do you protest and have a shame for the university?” “Ki bhi dharam ki baat ka lekar bazar me pahunchin” (Those who are only themselves have the right to talk about righteousness.) Can you tell me if the girls have made the right choice when analyzing the question of the modesty of a comrade in public? ) “.

CCTV clips show that foreigners create restrictions: Yogi Adityanath

Meanwhile, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that according to the contribution of intelligence, violence and lathis on UBS girls was a conspiracy against the government.

“It is clear that the line has intensified due to lack of communication between students and university authorities, after which some foreigners have had the opportunity to create restrictions. All those foreigners were identified because projects will be punished strictly,” he said the prime minister, who is in Gorakhpur to Dussehra. The report was sent to the Center, Hindustan Times reported.

“To avoid such incidents in the future, state universities have been invited to work in coordination with the Center,” said Adityanth, adding that the type of UBS incidents were triggered to divert people’s attention from the work of Modi Development and BJP President Amit Shah.

V-C Tripathi must be fired to order student’s blog

Meanwhile, Maliwal wrote on Thursday in Modi asking Tripathi to stop manipulation of the recent violence on campus. “UBS VC (Girish Chandra Tripathi) must be completed by the witness loading on the girls and strict measures must be taken against him. Girls in the BHU campus and hostels should be security,” said in his letter Maliwal to Modi .

“The administration of the university or university should be responsible for any accidents or harassment of girls on the university campus,” he said. “Even after several complaints, the administration has not taken action against the evil. To make its voice heard, girls protested and were beaten by the police,” he said.

Maliwal said that sexual harassment and discrimination against girls “are not limited to the BHU campus.”

Such practices are frequent in the prestigious colleges of the national capital as well. Over the past week, the safety of girls in two AU schools has been put in the spotlight, he said. “About 500 students from Ambedkar College went to the police station demanding a safe camp for girls where landslides and scores were frequent. At Khalsa University, some children tried to get into the girls’ inn,” he said.

The Women’s Corps called for the PMO to intervene in any discrimination on the shelter schedule for boys and girls, and wrote a national policy to ensure the safety of the girls on campus.

I will resign if you ask me to go on leave: BHU V-C

Tripathi said he would “resign” if asked to leave and argued that the Ministry of Defense had not told him to do so. The ministry undertook a routine process to clarify the successor of Tripathi, who is at the center of the controversy over the treatment of recent violence on the campus of the Hindu University of Bhu. His term expires on November 30.

“I have been in contact with the Human Rights Minister (Prakash Javadekar) since the day of the incident, informed him of the situation and the measures taken, but if I am forced to leave, I will resign,” Tripathi told the PTI.

Tripathi said that it had contributed greatly to improving the functioning of the university. “Once this is done, it is an insult to leave two months before my term ends. I would prefer to leave,” he said.

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