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Student astronauts in China to test life sustainability on moon in a simulated lab

Student astronauts in China to test life sustainability on moon in a simulated lab

Chinese students will live in a laboratory that simulates a lunar environment for up to 200 days while Beijing prepares for the long-term goal to put humans on the moon.

As reported by Xinhua, eight Chinese volunteers will live Yuegong-1, a “mock spacecraft” in Beijing next year, strengthening China’s knowledge and expertise, technical and help the country’s scientists to understand exactly what Will be necessary for humans to stay on the moon in the medium and long term.

China did not wait to land its first astronauts on the moon for at least a decade, but the project aims to help the country prepare for longer spaced lunar explorers on the surface.

The top four have already participated in Yuegong-1 on Wednesday. The two men and two women remain in the cabin for 60 days and then will be replaced by the second group, and two men and two women, who will remain there for 200 days.
After that, the first group will return to the remaining 105 days.
About Yuegong-1:

It is a Chinese research center for the development of a lunar base
It is a closed environment facility, where occupants can simulate an autonomous mission in the long term without external inputs other than energy / energy

It has two vegetable growing modules and a cabin space – 42 square meters with four bedrooms, a common room, a bathroom, a waste treatment room and room to raise animals
This is the third biological base of basic biological support (BLSS), and the first developed in China. The BLSS is a system where animals, plants and microorganisms coexist. Water and food can be recycled into the system, creating a terrestrial environment
The experiment, called Yuegong-365, is Beihang’s second attempt to see how the moon in a BLSS environment. A successful 105-day test was conducted in 2014. China, poured billions into its military space program and is working to catch up with the United States and Europe, hoping to have an equipped outpost here 2022. Les étudiants chinois vivront dans un laboratoire simulant an environnement lunaire jusqu’à 200 jours alors that Pékin is prepared for l’objectif à long terme de mettre les humains sur la lune.

Tel qu’indiqué for Xinhua, huit volontaires chinois vivront à Yuegong-1, unites “cabine spatiale simulée” à Pékin pour l’année prochaine, renforçant les connaissances et le savoir-faire techniques de la Chine et en aidant scientifiques du pays À comprre exactement ce qui sera nécessaire pour les humains From rester sur la lune à moyen et à long termes.

The Chine ne s’attend pas to the first astronauts sur la lune pendant au moins une autre décennie, more le projected vise the aider le pays à préparer les explorateurs lunaires pour des séjours plus longs à la surface.

Les quatre premiers ont déjà participated in Yuegong-1 mercredi. Les deux hommes et deux femmes resteront dans la cabine pendant 60 jours, puis seront remplacés par le deuxième groupe, ainsi que deux hommes et deux femmes, qui resteront là pendant 200 jours.
Après cela, the premier groupe reviendra pour les 105 jours restants.
On the proposal of Yuegong-1:

C’est une installation de recherche chinoise pour le développement d’une base lunaire
C’est une installation fermée à l’environnement où les occupants peuvent simuler une mission autonome de longue durée sans intrants extérieurs autre que l’énergie / l’énergie

Il dispose de deux modules de culture végétale et d’une habitable cabin – 42 mètres carrés contenant quatre cabines de lit, une salle commune, une salle de bains, une salle de traitement des déchets et une salle pour élever des animaux
C’est la troisième base biologique de soutien biologique (BLSS), et la première développée en Chine. Le BLSS is a système où les animaux, les plantes et les coexistent microorganisms. L’eau et les aliments peuvent être recyclés dans le système, créant un environnement terrestre
L’expérience, nommée Yuegong-365, est la deuxième tentative de Beihang pour voir comment fonctionne le BLSS dans une environnement lune. An essai réussi de 105 jours a été mené en 2014. The Chine verse des milliards dans are program spatial militaire et travaille à rattraper les États-Unis et l’Europe, avec l’époir d’avoir avant-poste équipé d’ici 2022.estudiantes chinos vivirán en un laboratorio que simula un ambiente lunar hasta 200 días mientras Pekín se prepara para el objetivo a largo plazo para poner a seres humanos en la luna.

Como se informó por Xinhua, ocho voluntarios chinos vivirán Yuegong-1, una “nave espacial simulada” en Beijing el próximo año, el fortalecimiento de los conocimientos y la experiencia de China, técnica y ayudar a los científicos del país para entender exactamente lo que será necesaria para que los humanos se quedan en la luna en el medio y largo plazo.

China no esperar a la tierra sus primeros astronautas en la luna durante al menos una década, pero el proyecto tiene como objetivo ayudar al país a prepararse para estancias más largas exploradores lunares en la superficie.

Los cuatro primer

Qatar stands up to Saudi, says not worried as it has $340 bn in reserves

Qatar stands up to Saudi, says not worried as it has $340 bn in reserves

Qatar stands up to Saudi, says not worried as it has $340 bn in reserves

Qatar has booked reserves of $ 340 billion, including sovereign wealth assets that could help Gulf countries overcome isolation by their powerful Arab neighbors, central bank governor Sheikh Abdullah Bin Saud al-Thani told CNBC .

“It is the credibility of our system, we have enough money to keep any kind of shock,” he said, told the news channel in an interview published Monday on its website.

Al Thani said the central bank had reserves of more than 40 billion dollars in gold, while the Qatar Investment Authority has 300 billion in reserves could liquidate.

Stocks declined Qatar and riyal was volatile in the spot market as Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain and Egypt broke diplomatic relations with Qatar and transport June 5, which accuses of supporting terrorism. Dona denied the allegations.

“Qatar has already had a unique and exclusive system. We have established laws against all these types of terrorists,” Thani told CNBC. “We work with the IMF and other institutions to establish our laws, our audits and reviews.”

“We have no challenges, we welcome all those who study our books are open,” he added.

Al Thani said that although the central bank has seen some nonresident outlets, the amounts were not particularly significant.

“There’s more [money],” he said, confirming that the tickets outweighed the departures.

He said that long-term contracts in the oil and gas sectors showed no change.

The rating agency Moody’s Investors earlier this month has changed the outlook for Qatar’s credit rating from stable to negative citing economic and financial risks stemming from the ongoing conflict between Qatar and Saudi alliance.

Despite the fundamentals of the market, economists say Qatar’s largest global exporter of liquefied natural gas has taken a number of measures, including expected increases in gas production and new transportation routes to deal with the crisis.

Donald Trump Jr.’s Stunningly Incriminating Statement To The New York Times

Donald Trump Jr.'s Stunningly Incriminating Statement To The New York Times

Donald Trump Jr.’s Stunningly Incriminating Statement To The New York Times

Donald Trump Jr. made a potentially damaging report for the New York Times much, much worse.

The Times said Sunday that the president’s eldest son pledged to announce information about Hillary Clinton before meeting with a Russian lawyer missed the Kremlin at Trump Tower in New York on June 9, 2016.

As reporters Jo Becker, Matt Apuzzo and Adam Goldman explained, Trump Jr. motivation to accept the meeting “highlights the central issue in the federal investigation of the Kremlin interference in the presidential election if Trump’s campaign collusion with the Russians.

The gathering of the accounts represent the first public indication that at least part of the campaign were willing to accept Russian aid.

Paul Manafort, the president of the country at that time, and Jared Kushner, the son and adviser to President Donald Trump also attended.

Needless to say, the report looks bad for the president, although his private legal team at The Times that Trump did not participate did not even know of the meeting. Trump has a reading book going in situations like these: questioning the credibility of unidentified sources (five in this case) and crying, “false news”

But Trump Jr. took this strategy from the table with a very compromising first response.

“In a statement Sunday, Donald Trump Jr. said he had met the Russian lawyer, at the request of an acquaintance.

“Afterwards the compliments were exchanged,” she said, “the woman said she had information that people linked to Russia fund the Democratic National Committee and Clinton’s support.

His statements were vague, ambiguous and meaningless. No detail or supporting information was provided or even offered. It soon became apparent that he had no meaningful information.

“He said that the conversation was turned around by adopting Russian children and the Magnitsky Act, a US law that lists alleged Russian human rights abusers.

The law has so inflamed President Vladimir Putin that Russia responded by stopping the adoptions of Russian American children.

“” It became apparent to me that this was the real program claiming potentially useful information was a pretext for the meeting, “said Trump.

Read the last part again: “Potentially useful information requests were a pretext for the meeting.”

Trump Jr. confirmed that he entered the meeting pending receipt of information from the Russian lawyer that could harm Clinton. It is a breath of admission.

The rest of the statement Trump Jr. tries to minimize the value of what the lawyer actually said. The outcome of the meeting and its effect on the presidential race is important, of course, but it is quite different.

Trump Jr.’s attempt to obtain information from a Russian lawyer who could hurt Clinton seems likely to alarm investigators if the effort has been effective.

Mosul Loss Huge, But Not Deadly, Blow To ‘Caliphate’

Mosul Loss Huge, But Not Deadly, Blow To 'Caliphate'

Mosul Loss Huge, But Not Deadly, Blow To ‘Caliphate’

BAGHDAD: Mosul was the largest city of the “Caliphate” proclaimed by ISIS and its loss is a severe blow to the experience of the terrorist personnel, but not fatal.

The northern Iraqi city where ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi made his public appearance is only known in July 2014, announcing himself to the world as “caliph” during a Friday sermon in an old city mosque.

It took tens of thousands of Iraqi forces backed by Western warplanes and special forces nearly nine months to defeat the terrorists, who have left behind a heavily damaged city and exhausted the security forces.

In Mosul, a city that had a population of about two million three years ago, the “Caliphate” loses one of the main centers of administration and ISIS, one of the most powerful symbols of its power.

“This is a serious blow to ISIS’s prestige,” said David Witty, an analyst and retired US special forces colonel.

The resumption of Mosul, hailed as an important step towards the end of this unprecedented episode in the history of modern jihad is the latest in a long series of setbacks for ISIS.

At its peak, the terrorist group controls a territory the size of South Korea or Jordan and a population of more than 10 million. Now more than half of the land and three-quarters of the population have been lost.

And a major offensive in its other de facto capital, the Syrian city of Raka, is growing.

The group – with the motto “stays and grows” – does not conquer new areas around the core of its “caliphate” since 2015, has lost thousands of fighters and is less attractive to foreign terrorists than it once was.

The fall of Mosul further reduces the territorial contiguity of the so-called caliph, leaving more pockets of land in the power of ISIS completely isolated.

Still, analysts have warned that it is too early to declare victory.

“We should not see the resumption of Mosul in dead clothing for ISIS,” said Patrick Martin, an analyst in Iraq at the Institute for the Study of War, adding that the group “still maintains significant urban land” especially in Syria.

Even in Iraq, where terrorists have lost more ground and retain only seven percent of the territory they once had, declaring the caliphate death “implies that ISIS can not control the land and rule” It is said.

However, “if the security forces are not taking the necessary steps to ensure that the gains against ISIS will be sustained in the long run, whereas ISIS in theory could recover and rebuild urban land,” Martin said.

Trying to salvage the remains of the caliphate, the group is likely to intensify a transformation that has already begun to focus more resources on guerrilla attacks and attacks.

“In the short term in Iraq, ISIS with terrorism and insurgency instead of trying to openly control large areas,” Witty said.

Martin said that it was already a model of great result ISIS attacks of military setbacks.

The bombing of the deadliest in Baghdad in which more than 320 people died last year, came after terrorists have lost their iconic bastion of Falluja.

The group also organized a major attack on the Kurdoue-controlled Kirkuk command after launching an aggression against Mosul, which was the largest military operation in Iraq for years.

With its dream state on hold, ISIS must return to these types of attacks and do everything possible to deny any claim to the Iraqi government that has been eliminated.

“It’s very easy to see the next, and Iraq is likely to be plagued with insecurity in the next few years,” Witty said.

The scope of ISIS ideology continues to be one of the greatest threats to the world after three years foreign branches have grown far beyond the core of the “Caliphate” and thousands of foreign fighters are joining the battlefield with a return to home.

Visa for Jadhav’s mother: Sushma’s request to Aziz gets no response

Visa for Jadhav’s mother: Sushma’s request to Aziz gets no response

Visa for Jadhav’s mother: Sushma’s request to Aziz gets no response

Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj today expressed his dismay at the lack of courtesy shown by his Pakistani counterpart Sartaj Aziz, who does not even acknowledge his personal letter to a Pakistani visa for Kulbhushan Jadhav’s mother.

However, it was assured to M. Aziz that any Pakistani citizen who requests a medical visa to travel to India with his recommendation will receive the visa immediately.

In a series of tweets, Ms. Swaraj said: “I have my sympathies to all Pakistani citizens seeking a visa to receive medical treatment in India.

All we need is your recommendation for granting a medical visa to Pakistani citizens. ”

He said a visa application was pending for the Indian citizen Avantika Jadhav who wants to meet his son in Pakistan.

“I wrote a personal letter to Mr. Sartaj Aziz for the granting of a visa to Pakistan. However, M. Aziz has not shown the same courtesy to acknowledge my letter,” she wrote.

Jadhav, 46, was detained by Pakistan in Baluchistan province reticent last year. He was sentenced to death by a Pakistani military court charged with espionage and terrorism.

Sushma Swaraj slams Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz in series of blistering tweets

Sushma Swaraj slams Pakistan's Sartaj Aziz in series of blistering tweets

Sushma Swaraj slams Pakistan’s Sartaj Aziz in series of blistering tweets

NEW DELHI: Union Minister Sushma Swaraj used strong words Monday to beat the head of Foreign Affairs of Pakistan, Sartaj Aziz, for not having “the same courtesy to recognize” his letter asking him to grant a visa to the mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav.
Jadhav is the national of India on the death row in Pakistan.

Comments by Foreign Minister Swaraj, mainly aimed at eliminating the air after the Pakistani media had said last week that India had denied medical visas to the people of this country,

On Twitter, Swaraj said it is Aziz Pakistanis who require immediate medical care can come to India. He assured Pakistan that India is pleased to offer medical visa and hopes that Aziz “is a consideration for the citizens of his country.”

The Chancellor emphasized that recently amended rules stipulating that Pakistanis wanted a visa for emergency medical treatment should receive a letter from Aziz.

“But I assure you that Pakistani citizens seek a medical visa with a recommendation from Mr. Sartaj Aziz, who will issue the visa immediately,” Swaraj said.

The minister spoke of how India also has a pending visa application “for an Indian citizen, Ms. Avantika Jadhav, who wants to meet her son in Pakistan.”

It takes a heartbeat to realize that it speaks of the mother of Kulbhushan Jadhav, the Indian citizen sentenced to death by a military court in Pakistan with the claim “espionage.”

Swaraj said, as the letters that Aziz must write for medical visa, he also a “personal letter” to the visa Avantika Jadhav wrote.
“However, M. Aziz has not shown the same courtesy to acknowledge my letter,” he said.

Pakistani media reported last week that the Indian embassy in Pakistan denied the visa of a woman with cancer who had come to India for treatment.

The woman, Faiza Tanveer in several tweets in recent days urged Swaraj to intervene. It looks like he had Swaraj.

Market Live: Sensex holds 200-pt gains; AU Small Finance debuts with 47% premium

Market Live: Sensex holds 200-pt gains; AU Small Finance debuts with 47% premium

Market Live: Sensex holds 200-pt gains; AU Small Finance debuts with 47% premium

10:45 NSE said that, for technical reasons in the spot market, the market opens (Cash and F & O segment) has been delayed even further. The market reopening time will be displayed.

10:31 Sources NSE told CNBC-TV18 that operations do not cross the pre-opening of the trading session.

Another delay is likely during the opening session of NSE, according to sources.

10:26 Market Verification: 30 shares of BSE Sensex continued to maintain their 200-point gain in morning trading, supported by TCS, Infosys, Tata Motors and Reliance Industries.

The index rose 201.51 point or 0.64 percent to 31 562.14 in strong broad.

About two actions have been proposed for each action that falls on BSE.

Ten and twenty-one. The National Stock Exchange will start again at 10:45, according to CNBC-TV18, citing NSE sources.

It is known that the exchange will begin the pre-opening session at 10:30.

10:16 am The expert take on the problem of NSE “Trade does not occur at all It is a problem bigger than a single rate, but should not be any panic,” said Deena Mehta, MD, Asit Mehta investment intermediates , And added that there is a good chance that the exchange cancels all outstanding orders.

10:13 CEO Ashish Chauhan said that the change does not face a technical problem and trade normally.

10:10. The sources told CNBC-TV18 that the NSE will announce future course of action at all times.

10:09. Membership of bumpers: AU Small Finance Bank debuted on the Bombay Stock Exchange. Stock prices began trading at Rs 528, a whopping 47.5 percent at Rs 358 issue price.

10:05 CNBC-TV18 exclusive: J Ravichandran, Acting Chief of the National Stock Exchange, told CNBC-TV18 that the change was trying to solve the technical problem at the earliest.

“At this point, the focus is on the resumption of the market,” he told the channel. When considering whether the pre-opening start again, he said the announcement in this regard will be made later.

Meanwhile, Dipan Mehta, the BSE and NSE member tried to dispel the fears as well. “There’s nothing to scare,” he told CNBC-TV18. “Both sides will swap swiftly and quickly.”

9:55 NSE C & O firm: The Indian National Stock Exchange halted trading in the futures and options segment, and there has been no review of the reopening exchange, according to CNBC-TV sources18.

9:53 am pressure: Biocon stocks were centered around a 9.5 per cent intraday as investors were cautious regulatory issues facing the company.

The French drug regulator has found deficiencies in the Bommasandra Biocon Bangalore plant with respect to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) for activities related to three organic products.

The French National Agency for Medicines and Health Product Safety (ANSM) inspected the Bangalore Biocon plant on behalf of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) between 13 March and 17 March.

EMA examined three biosimilars Biocon – Fulphila (pegfilgrastim), Ogivri (Trastuzumab) and Semglee (insulin glargine) – for marketing authorization in the European Union.

The ANSM raised 35 impediments including 11 weaknesses related to organic products.

9 h 50 Pre-opening: the Bank finances small AU transferred to Rs 5500 in pre-opening, up 46.65% of its Rs 358 issue price.

EEB has set the circuit limit higher than 626.50 Rs and the circuit limit lower than Rs 268.50.

09:47 am buzz: KEC International shares rose nearly 4 percent in morning trading, while bagging pocketed orders worth 1845 crore.

At 09:47, IST, the stock price was quoting at Rs 272.05, or Rs 5.25, or 1.97% at BSE.

09:44 am NSE prices: Fuentes told CNBC-TV18 that NSE indexes are not updated due to a technical problem. The NSE technical team working on it to solve the problem.

A large discrepancy was found in the stock prices of most companies. For example, Tata Motors on BSE was 2.2 percent at Rs446 while in the NSE, it was 0.6 percent at Rs 436.85.

09:35 RIL crosses Rs 1500: Reliance Industries peaked at 52 weeks of Rs 1501 on BSE.

Sikkim standoff: At BRICS meet, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping’s fake smiles mask underlying hostility

Sikkim standoff: At BRICS meet, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping's fake smiles mask underlying hostility

Sikkim standoff: At BRICS meet, Narendra Modi and Xi Jinping’s fake smiles mask underlying hostility

There is considerable enthusiasm in the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping at the informal meeting of the BRICS margin on the recent G-20 summit.

Previously, Chinese media have said there would be no meetings and discussions between the two leaders.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry has also ruled out a meeting saying that the environment was not conducive to such discussions, even if our Foreign Ministry (MEA) has not specified any meeting.

It is clear that these announcements meeting that is not Chinese and there was no discussion for Chinese public consumption and create the impression that India had called for such a meeting, which was rejected by China – to talk about China threat to support independence Of Sikkim – an obvious distraction from the repression of the Tibetans and Uighurs of Xinjiang.

There was no logic in such fury. China, knew that Modi and Xi will meet at the informal BRICS meeting in Hamburg organized by China during the BRICS 9 summit when it was hosted by China from 3 to 5 September in Xiamen City.

But, ultimately, the China People’s Daily website showed a picture of a smiling Modi and Xi standing next to the presidents of Brazil, Russia and South Africa to Hamburg.

In fact, Modi and Jinping met informally and had a conversation on a number of issues, as has been said by the MEA spokesman. The question of whether the appearance of Sikkim has arisen during the discussion is not known, but probably would not have been mentioned by any of the leaders.

At the informal BRICS meeting, Xi called for a “peaceful settlement of regional conflicts and conflicts”, welcomed India’s strong commitment to terrorism and India’s economic success in economic and social development.

He also called for the consolidation of the G20 as a leading platform for international economic cooperation. Xi also expressed appreciation for the BRICS developments under Modi’s previous leadership.

Modi also welcomed the progress made by BRICS under Xi, while stressing the need to cooperate in the global economic recovery. He called the G20 to collectively oppose the financing of terrorism, deductibles, shelters, support and sponsors. In reference to the introduction of the GST in India, Mr. Modi called for a collective decision against the practice of protectionism, particularly in the areas of trade and professional knowledge and movement, while reiterating India’s commitment to Implementation of the Paris Agreement.

While Xi mentioned the importance of the Paris Agreement and the need to implement, its allusion to terrorism has been limited by mentioning the strong desire of India.

Utopians in India seem optimistic about the mention of “peaceful resolution of conflicts and regional conflicts,” of Xi without knowing what lies behind the mask and false smile.

It should be recalled that Modi and Xi met on June 9 in the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) in Astana, Kazakhstan, where the two leaders agreed that bilateral differences should not lead to litigation.

But even when Xi shook hands and Modi smiled (as in Hamburg), it is now clear that on the night of June 8 and 9, soldiers of the People’s Liberation Army (EPL) broke the bunkers of the royal army of Bhutan In the Doka Plateau, in flagrant violation of the written agreement between Bhutan and China, pending the definitive settlement of borders, peace and tranquility are maintained along the border and both Parties will refrain from unilaterally amending the state in the countryside.

So there is no reason for optimism. China will continue to maintain, as it does now, that there is no difference, because the Doka Property is Chinese territory.

This, even though “another blatant lie” of China was exposed by Claude Arpi who has explained that Tibet was not a signatory of Sikkim-Tibetan Treaty of 1890 that China raped to claim Doka La. Arpi also emphasized that ignoring in 1890, China did not accept a treaty on the borders of Bhutan and Tibet, Sikkim-Tibet until the end of 1960.

Third Country’s Army Could Enter Kashmir for Pakistan: Latest Threat from China

Third Country’s Army Could Enter Kashmir for Pakistan: Latest Threat from China

Third Country’s Army Could Enter Kashmir for Pakistan: Latest Threat from China

New Delhi: The “logic” of India to prevent the Chinese army to build a road in the Sikkim Doklam sector region on behalf of Bhutan can also apply to Kashmir, said an analyst of a Chinese expert group.

Under the controlled Global Times state, Xingchun Long, director of the Center for Indian Studies of China West Normal University, said an army of “third countries” could reach Kashmir on demand Pakistan.
“Even though India was invited to defend the territory of Bhutan, it could be limited to its established territory, not to the disputed area,” Xingchun said in the article.

“Otherwise, according to the logic of India, if the request of the government of Pakistan, the army of a third country may enter the disputed area between India and Pakistan, including Indian-controlled Kashmir” according to Article.

The media in China parroquent line institution and have recently focused articles of empty bombing critic Doklam criticize India, but this is the first time that Pakistan and Kashmir have been introduced in the story.

“Indian troops invaded the Doklam region of China in the name of helping Bhutan, but in reality, the invasion was intended to help India by using Bhutan,” he said that, referring to the June 30 statement , Published by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of India.

China and India have engaged in a conflict in the Doklam region near the union of three Bhutan, the last three weeks, after the attempt to build a road.

The Doka is the Indian name of the region Bhutan recognized as Doklam, while China claims in its Donglang region. The border between India and China 3,488 km from Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, a 220 km article falls to Sikkim.

“For a long time, India has spoken of international equality and non-interference in the internal affairs of others, but it continued the hegemonic diplomacy in South Asia, seriously violating the UN Charter and rules that undermine relations Fundamental international “. He told me.

“Through massive immigration in Sikkim, ultimately leading to parliamentary control of Sikkim, India annexed Sikkim as one of its states,” he claimed.

“This incursion reflects that India fears that China could rapidly continental separated from India’s northeastern India by military means, dividing India into two parts,” he said.

“India has interpreted the construction of China’s infrastructure in Tibet as having geopolitical intent against India. India itself is not able to do the same for the Northeast, so it tries to stop road construction in China,” he said. .

“As for the territorial dispute between China and Bhutan, it must be resolved by the two sides and India must respect the sovereignty of Bhutan,” he said.

“China can show the region and the international community, even in the UN Security Council, proven to illustrate China’s position,” he said.

Another article in the same newspaper said that India should stop using the “Dalai Lama map” and relations with China.

Referring to reports that the “Tibetan national flag”, a symbol of independence adopted by the Tibetan government in exile, has been deployed on the banks of Lake Bangong, known as the Lake Pangong Tso Ladakh area, the article says The timing of the incident coincided with the deadlock between the two military Doklam in the region and whether the Indian authorities have led to the political activities of the Tibetan separatists to exert pressure on China

“When the government of India attaches great importance to its relations with China, it maintains a knowledge of anti-China political activities on its soil.

However, when he is not satisfied or has conflicts with Beijing, he plays the Tibet card. But India can overestimate the influence of the Tibetan exiles, “he said.

‘Castlevania’ Review: Netflix’s Bleak, Violent Animated Series Wrestles With Evil on a Giant Scale

‘Castlevania’ Review: Netflix’s Bleak, Violent Animated Series Wrestles With Evil on a Giant Scale

‘Castlevania’ Review: Netflix’s Bleak, Violent Animated Series Wrestles With Evil on a Giant Scale

Staying alive in 1455 was not an easy task.

As if the lack of medical progress and the whims of deadly diseases were not enough, “Castlevania,” Netflix’s latest animated series to writer Warren Ellis, adds the lingering shadow of terrible and bloody tears to destroy all mankind.

This is the perfect example of the series that tries to exploit universal themes to amplify the enemies extracted initially in the video game series of Konami.

This on-screen world may occupy a privileged place for those who have been immersed since its inception in 1986, but as a work of episodic stories, it takes a lot of its four bouts to firmly establish the kind of series that progresses. (“Castlevania” was renewed for season 2 in the morning, the season debuted 1).

The pilot episode, as an entry point into this medieval world, pushes the audience inside the castle to the mythical figure of Vlad Tepes Dracula myth.

Following the curious sights of Lisa, a human interest in scientific discovery, the show mocks a story of origin of an intellectual collaboration between the immortals and humans that could support the whole franchise.

Shock cuts Lisa, 20 years later, burning in the crowd amid shouts of witchcraft and heresy of the church elders.

Lisa’s death incurs Dracula’s ire and sets in motion a cycle of pain, guilt and manipulation.

We only see Dracula and Lisa share a conversation, but as we mentioned several times during the first season, their love was essential to foster a supernatural Holocaust.

Dracula revenge the city to burn his beloved is the radiant sequence of destruction marked by columns of fire from hell and beast hordes.

After his regime of terror (and the rain of blood and guts), Dracula largely disappears, but its dramatic effect in this adrift city is significant.

If it seems that there is no place for the true forces of evil to completely destroy the remains of a city, Episode 2 would agree. Lowering horrors on a large scale in a battle of secular bars worry Dracula erase mankind’s way of traveling anti-hero Trevor Belmont.

Belmont (voice of Richard Armitage) is a wandering mercenary, seeking to redeem the honor of his family after his ternity after the attacks against gresit. In the true medieval form of adjacent fiction, much of the struggle of their lineage is discharged into ample statements to strangers.

When the first episode of “Castlevania” tells a story with its scope of evil unleashed, a large chunk of the other three entries is literally said in the words of men.

This struggle to reconcile exploration and staff is the greatest growing pain in the series.

The dark atmosphere that drowns most of the human inhabitants of the population is offset by the small emotions of the expanding relationship of this world of magic and mythology.

With all forms of involuntary bodily functions, “Castlevania” is dedicated to a very specific grotesque standard that ensures that no character is safe from the ugliness of a world in which a God of love is nowhere.

But when it breaks the generic anxiety of life in the Middle Ages, “Castlevania” finds life in the design of its otherworldly creatures.

Terrors and bat wings with prehensile herbs and a penchant for bloodshed, these anonymous servers are all effective that are ruthless.

An individual of the species, with white teeth and a great sense of logic, even offers a philosophical treatise on the nature of truth before consuming its prey.

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