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NASA to announce major details on mission to ‘touch the sun’ tomorrow

NASA to announce major details on mission to 'touch the sun' tomorrow

NASA to announce major details on mission to ‘touch the sun’ tomorrow

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is ready to share the most important details about its first “touch the sun” mission with the world at 8.30 pm on May 31. The space agency will announce details of the mission through a live event broadcast from the University Auditorium of the William Eckhardt Research Center in Chicago on NASA’s television and agency website.

The spacecraft, Solar Probe Plus (SPP), will be launched in the summer of 2018. “Located in orbit within four million miles of the surface of the sun, and against heat and radiation unlike any spacecraft in The story, the spacecraft will explore the Sun External Atmosphere and make critical observations that will answer questions from decades ago about the physics of how stars work, “NASA said. “The resulting data will improve predictions of the major space-based meteorological events that affect life on Earth, as well as satellites and astronauts in space.”

For reasons currently unknown, the outer atmosphere of the Sun Corona is several hundred times hotter than the surface of the sun, with temperatures of 500,000 degrees Celsius or more.

To get valuable data on our parent star, the solar probe will have to withstand the sparkling temperatures of more than 1400 degrees Celsius and radiation, which NASA has planned to do so by shielding it by a 11.5-cm thickness.

It will be equipped with several instruments, including a 3D camera, a solar wind particle detector and a device to measure magnetic fields. The expected cost of the solar probe project is said to be around $ 180 million.

Previous reports suggest that Solar Probe Plus is not the only ongoing NASA project to approach the Sun. The space agency is working with the European Space Agency (ESA) on another project for Sun called Solar Orbiter, a satellite that would also be Released to the star before 2020.

Priyanka Chopra : There are huge stereotypes about Hindi films in the west

Priyanka Chopra : There are huge stereotypes about Hindi films in the west

Priyanka Chopra : There are huge stereotypes about Hindi films in the west

Actress Priyanka Chopra said “huge” stereotypes still exist west of the Indian film industry and will take more Indian players in the common parts to gradually break these long terms. “There are huge stereotypes about India, about Hindi movies. There is a lot more awareness now that Hindi movies are a big industry, but stereotypes still exist,” Priyanka said in an interview.
Priyanka Chopra will now be honored with the prestigious Dadasaheb Phalke
“These are stereotypes that have to fight all the time and I guess they will not lead to educating people and making them see Indian actors in the main parts (to raise awareness) that we can do it.” He did not put us in a box But it’s going to be a fight.
“I think they understood that Hindi films are not only directed at participating in songs and dances at random,” he said. Priyanka, who plays villain Victoria Leeds in “Baywatch,” released in India on Friday, said diversity in the entertainment world is the need for time, not just in roles and as actors.
“I believe that in cases where there is a demand there will always be offer.Even the public and people who see and consume entertainment must be open to all kinds of people in emblematic pieces and not just a certain type of actors or people who see themselves In a certain way, “he said.
Priyanka said, “She would like to see a woman play James Bond or see an Indian actor in a superhero movie without the label of being an Indian and just being an actor.” “It was at that time it will become the mainstream.” Fair (India), but Indian gamers around the world should be part of the show business, because that’s what the world looks like. , That there should be more representation. ”
To know if a Bond movie might be next on the anvil, he said: “You never know I’m talking to some movies here and a couple in India do not know if it’s going to be a bad guy or not, but .. always I look for variety in the parts that I choose and I hope this is what I can do.
Priyanka, who had a busy schedule with the promotions of ‘Baywatch’, travels to Berlin and London for the premiere of the film. He said he was “excited” by the release of ‘Baywatch’ in India in Hindi and English. “I’m very excited about it, people have been a fan of the TV series. I’m very happy that we have very few cuts, people will enjoy the movie,” he said.

In his experience of his Hollywood debut, Priyanka said that “Baywatch” is his first American film, it is also his 51st film. “For me, this is my next movie.This is how I see it.I’m an artist and I will go where my work takes me.In all parts of the world where you go, you only know your work and deliver. , Is a great thing “.
Priyanka juggled many roles in real life and she said she was grateful for the opportunities. “It takes a different kind of discipline.I can handle two races on two continents, you have to give a lot, give up your dream, give up a routine or normality.It is a choice to make, there is no free lunch in the world” .
“I want to do things that he imposed on me and I have to give him (things) along the way. I’m always tired and jet lag, but I love my job and I’m grateful,” he said.

How to get Success in GATE Exam and Clear it Easily

GATE Exam and Clear it Easily

First I want to know crack in the sense that they want to qualify for the exam or if you want to get a very good range so that you can do or PSU IIT.

I suppose the second case.

The strategy differs from person to person that I explain in several categories.

1.You are not good on the basics and no hold on topics: the fundamentals in the sense that you have a very good knowledge of the intermediary, if you read it once you can easily understand the concept. Grip on the questions even though they are not good at the basics you have tried to get concepts in btech and has a very good knowledge about them.

If you do not have all of this, then getting a good range is difficult, but you might be eligible for the exam following the methods I write below. But if you really want to get a range of less than 300 I recommend that measuring their preparation at the 2016 door, it is very difficult to crack in two months.

2.You are good fundamentals or pressure on issues.

(1) base:

1st month: collect good materials, do not touch textbooks as time is much lower. A single reading once all problems or at least important issues.
Time table frame so you can finish in a month. While you are reading just solve the problems of the example and by way unresolved problem. Do not try to slove any problems this month as time is less.

(2) Conditions of access:

1st month:

Since you already have a good knowledge on subjects you can give a quick reading and try to solve many potential problems, and rename the time table so that you can complete all topics in a month.
Second month:
This is an important and crucial period and common to all. Stop reading and do not bother that you can not fill out some questions. Good and move on to the next step.

15 days:

Buy book documents previous years book.ace solutions book is good and resolves them 5 times, yes I misheard its five times and if the time was over five times. I have no doubt that there is not enough time for 5 times. A few long questions, but the rest can be resolved very quickly. The first time can take longer, but the second time can be solved in very less time. If I could finish 5 times in 15 days and still time, then download documents 1990-2014 issue to take the impression that they are trying to keep order resolver.Primero 2014 and down.Hay a difference in book resolution As they are given as a wise subject. Now you can feel the paper question and get an idea after solving the roles of queen 2014-1990.

Last 15 days

Right now you have purchased the test series or forum ahora.Gate buy a series of tests is close to the door of the final exam I recommend you buy a very good ACE also had problems if it was a plan In six months, I suggested test series.

Try to try all the papers in test series, including aptitude and English language.Once you have completed the test check the solutions and figure out where you make mistakes and try to fix them.Try to give as much Of numbers you test may be the only manthra.I bought ACE and the Puerta Forum :). Stop the preparation before a day of exam and just sleep.

These are the few strategies that may be useful for GATE Exam :

1. Practice: Regular practice of concepts will help you achieve a level of satisfaction and reduce errors. Solve as much as you can solve numerically. In addition, it increases your speed and increases your confidence.

2 Set goals: An appropriate approach is needed to break any exam. Each day has set the goal of completing a certain section according to the program. The approach is essential.

3. Time Management: Manage your time accordingly. A long chapter takes longer, so try to finish first. Note the time it takes to solve a particular issue. Spend a lot of time on issues or topics that you may find difficult to grasp.

4. Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Identify areas where missing and protruding areas. It will give you a clear idea of the factors that must work to turn your weaknesses into strength.

5. Be Disciplined: Prepare yourself for any exam requires a commitment. It is organized, planned and structured. Try to have a balanced life. Sleep and good eating habits help one to remain calm and composed during the preparation of the exam.

6. Note the key points: a key to a successful test is the clarity of the main concepts. Try to make brief notes of important formulas, theories, key points. They are useful. They will be beneficial to the exam.

7. Positive Attitude: During preparation for the exam, negative thoughts darken our minds. But we must always remain positive and we must strive to achieve more. Try starting with the chapter on which you are safe.

8. Study according to model: study according to the trends of the documents of last year’s question that will help you to become familiar with the distribution of the marks as well as the reason.

9. Resolve previous GATE documents.

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